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Exposición Josefa Tolrà en Tinglado del Port de Tarragona.

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JOSEFA TOLRÀ, MEDIUM & ARTIST (1880-1959) in Tinglado 2 del Moll de Costa del Port de Tarragona 

Josefa Tolrà is a self-taught artist who began drawing and writing when She was 60 years old. SHe does not desire fame and away from the academic world she is looking for her psychic experiences. 

A woman of humble origin, which begins in the graphic creation to heal the sadness of the death of two children. Embroidery, drawing and writing becomes an antidote to her depression and the abyss of madness, an experience that allows you to redirect your destination when traveling with the «beings of light» that dictate messages and transcribed it and draw as «modest mechanical mediator»